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Dots, ghosts and pills

Pacman EX3 isn't just yet another Pacman clone - it's a good one! Featuring nice pseudo 3D graphics, online high scores for competitive types and a variety of maps to keep things interesting.

This is the windowed version, which gives you a nice small version you can play while other programs are running. There is nothing surprising about Pacman EX3 - control is via the cursor keys, you have to eat all the dots to complete a level, while avoiding the ghosts. Extra points are gained by eating the fruit that appear in the center, and ghosts become edible when you eat one of the four pills placed in every level.

Due to the window size, there is some scrolling in Pacman EX3, which is fine unless you want to go through the loop path from one side to another. Because one side is out of view, you can't tell if you'll bump into a ghost or not. That's a minor flaw, though, and gameplay is otherwise just as compelling as ever, as the speed gently ramps up with every new level.

It's Pacman, what more can we say? If you like Pacman, you'll love this!


  • Nice updated graphics
  • Unchanged gameplay
  • Varied maps


  • Scrolling maps can be irritating

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Pacman EX


Pacman EX 3.2 for PC

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